New fashion trends 2021: follow the rules or break them?

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Corrado Manenti
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What will be the new fashion trends 2021? Let's find out together!

As creators and designers we must not be passively influenced by trends, we must think outside the box starting from what is going and be able to interpret it in a personal and unique way and above all in line with our brand values!

Unlike in 2020, the colour charts will be less bright and colourful. As if to remind us of our emotional state and more muted due to all the restrictions of the Covid 2019 pandemic. The new 2021 fashion trends will also have a more bohemian feel as a consequence of the inevitable current crisis and the desire for a return to normality with sobriety.

What is the fashion colour palette for 2021?

The fashion colour palette for 2021 is a mix of calm and comforting colours. This is a departure from what we have been used to in recent years, when we saw many bright colours the return of neon colours, animal motifs and pad dye.

Prints and dyes will be more muted in tone and intensity, with the presence of many brown, 'tan' and blue tones.

There will be a few greens, but not that many.

The fashion colours for 2021 will therefore be less bright than in recent years.

Colours will be more natural and soothing to the eyes, leaving the detail of the accessory to attract the eye and make its mark.

The most popular colours in the fashion world for 2021 are:



-Blue Navy





Don't be afraid to experiment with different designer colours your job is to create fashion not follow it blindly.

You might end up loving one of the new fashion colours for 2021 or ignore them completely.

The new 2021 fashion trends will be about breaking the rules and doing your own thing.

It is about being individualistic and standing out from the crowd.

You might absurdly decide to ignore them completely because your brand is based on 'joie de vivre' and loves warm, bright colours and wants to give a counter-intuitive message compared to trends that are more sober.

This must give you clues in the creation of your garments and your collection.

The new fashion trends for 2021 will see:

-Classic silhouettes: there is a return to classic shapes in clothing. This includes minimalism, trapeze skirts and loose trousers.

-Pale colours: pastels are making a comeback in the fashion world. These colours include blush, peach, lavender and mint green.

Industry and production trends are expected to undergo major changes in 2021 as the world becomes more environmentally and consumer conscious.

Below are some of the changes we can expect to see in 2021:

- The use of sustainable fabrics will be more widespread than ever before. Materials such as hemp and organic cotton will be more readily available and designers will start using these materials in their collections.

- Designers will also be more careful about the materials they use and make a conscious effort to produce eco-friendly clothes. They will also make a conscious effort to produce clothes that contain more sustainable materials and less harmful chemicals.


One of the major trends in the fashion industry also for 2021 is sustainability. Sustainable fashion is an ethical and environmental approach to the design and production of clothes that aims to reduce the ecological impact of the fashion industry without sacrificing style or profit.

Sustainable fashion can be traced back to World War II, when an increasing number of women went to work in factories. These women wore practical clothes that were easy to wash and did not need to be ironed, which became known as utility clothing.

The next big change came in the 1980s, when designers such as Norma Kamali, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren started using natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool instead of synthetics such as polyester.

Sustainability is the process of ensuring that the Earth's resources are not used or polluted. The Earth's resources are finite and must be managed. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

In 2021, materials will have to be more sustainable. The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of raw materials after the construction industry. This is not sustainable. Fashion will become more 'ethical', a term used to refer to clothing produced in a way that is good for the environment and society.

The fashion industry must consider sustainability and ethics to ensure that resources are not wasted and that the Earth's future is secured. The average American throws away 68 pounds of clothes each year and fashion waste is the second most common type of municipal waste.

Environmental sustainability has been a growing trend over the last ten years.

To reduce environmental impact, designers use sustainable materials and create more durable clothes. These are all attributes that if we want to follow these trends we will have to make our own both in our brand values and in the relevant attributes of our garments.

The goal is to create clothes that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Our marketing will have to know how to communicate all these elements and attributes of our product.

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