Be a Designer is the starting ramp to launch your idea in fashion whether you already have a company or dream of creating one! Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team and excellent partnerships with manufacturers and garment makers we can support you at every stage of the development, communication and launch of your brand or capsule collection.



We at BAD have developed our method to guide you in the conception and creation of your brand. If you decide to make something of your own and want to develop an idea, turn it into a collection and encapsulate it within a brand, you need to know exactly which strategy can work even on a small scale.

It is not enough to create a collection. A brand is something you build and carry with you over time. 

Thanks to our partnerships with established professionals with Be A Designer you will have

The project is about building or revising the brand, defining the positioning and type of product on the market.

Preliminary analysis of collection costs and distribution prices in order to be able to build a proper pricing, marketing and communication strategy to support the launch of products on the market.

At the end of the course you will have an operational map to be able to make your products in line with the identified brand values. In line with the market segment and a basic marketing strategy.


- Brand start-up consultancy - 1

Brand Design & Brand Experience

Construction of theyour brand architecturewe identify the values that drive you to create something, we analyse your style code and the elements that should make you unique in the market.



Let us review tall stages from product creation to the development of a collection. We analyse all the costs that make up a garment in relation to your target market and business model in order to create realistic and concrete sales strategies based on numbers.

- Brand start-up consultancy - 2
A woman in a red dress struts down the catwalk at night during a cruise collection at a resort.


We find the fastest way to reach the market with your products. Let's review all the possible traditional and online distribution channels available and the related marketing and communication ecosystem that your fashion brand should host.



Developing together a business model that can be sustainable over time while your brand starts to be present in the market with targeted strategies over time.


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How the counselling meetings can be structured

Whether you need a single service or if you prefer a 'complete package' We at Be A Designer can support your creative process in the best way. Thanks to a close-knit team and a supply chain of excellence made up of small and large Italian manufacturers, we will ALWAYS be able to find a way to realise your project.

Each meeting consists of 60 minutes duration plus 20 minutes dedicated to Questions and Answers, correction of materials and exercise and completion and revision of the canvas. A Zoom link to the meeting will be provided the day before the meeting. All meetings will be recorded and made available for review. Homework for revision and content creation will be provided after each session.

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Start of Work

Start of work, analysis of the entrepreneurial mindset behind the idea, brand idea, role of the founder, timeframe.

A table with graphs representing the brand's start-up consultancy with a cup of coffee.

Idea & Market Analysis

We will analyse the target market, competitor analysis, buyer personas, where are the customers?

A person with a tablet during a brand start-up consultation.

Strategic Marketing

Let's review the elements of success in developing a strategic marketing system for your brand

A sewing machine is used to create a fashion brand.

Type of Product and Timing

Product type analysis, Collection Pyramid, seriality, differentiating elements, timing analysis

A collection of T-shirts hung on a rack.

Supply Chain and Business Model

Type of production chain, business model and timing for launch, supplier analysis and materials in the collection.

A woman, wearing a hat and holding scissors, creates her own fashion label as a designer.

Product and Positioning

We will carry out a product/prototype analysis with a cost study and price assumptions based on market and positioning.

Description: A person working on a laptop with a lot of information.

Distribution Channels

We will analyse the distribution channels for your brand and then study the architecture of the marketing ecosystem to support the launch.

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Launch Strategies

We study the launch strategy of your brand or new collection so that it reaches customers as quickly as possible.

Project Start Check-UP

The perfect way if you don't know where to start or what the right path is
199 + VAT
  • 1 Virtual or live meeting in our studio in Gallarate (VA)
  • Strategic analysis of your project with our team
  • Start-Up Operational Plan

Brand Design Consulting Base

A path together to get you off to the best start
648 + VAT
  • 4 Virtual Encounters on Zoom
  • 2 Follow-up
  • 2 Free Months of Fashion Business Academy
  • Book: You Also Want to Be a Stylist

Advanced Brand Design Consulting

A complete pathway for your brand
950 + VAT
  • 6 Virtual Encounters on Zoom
  • 4 Follow-up
  • 2 Person meetings
  • 3 Free Months of Fashion Business Academy
  • Email Support 3 Months


Your map to success

The Canvas Methodology is widely used in organisational settings to help gain an overview of all the stages that will go to make up a process.

In the case of the Fashion Business Designer the focus is on the realisation of a new collection/fashion line from the concept phase to the construction of a marketing/sales and marketing system.

We will use this tool during consultations to keep track of all the progress and tasks you have to do to build and launch your fashion brand. You will have access to FREE during the consultation period to our online course platform: the Fashion Business Academy

- Brand start-up consultancy - 3


 Social media has become a fundamental pillar for a brand's visibility.

Our strategy is not just about posting: we plan, curate and monitor your social media activities, ensuring that your content reaches the right audience at the right time.


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A person using a laptop computer to design the services website.


Quality Press Releases: Over the years, we have specialised in creating fashion websites based on the needs of emerging fashion designers.

Thanks to Evolve Marketing Ltd. we can support you in creating the perfect website for your brand and the best launch strategies to bring your products to market! 



Schedule a free consultation to tell us about your project and the challenges you face. We will help you gain clarity on how you can work with us to bring your fashion brand to life.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions from aspiring designers

Be A Designer is a independent style office. We are a team of professionals who can help you realise your idea in fashion. We can help you from the conception stage right through to the production and marketing of your idea.

We are located in Gallarate in the Province of Varese just a few minutes from Milan Malpensa airport and less than an hour's drive from Milan / Como / Lugano / Bergamo 

We work with both structured companies or professionals and VAT-registered businesses as well as private individuals. Obviously if your idea is to create something of your own and start selling it sooner or later you will need a VAT number, but if you want to get started there is no problem!

We offer both operational services where we do the work for you such as pattern making, prototyping, textile printing, graphic realisation of concepts and collections as well as strategic consultancy services.

Don't worry! We advise you to book a free call with a member of our team who will be able to guide and advise you best! 

If you are shy or prefer to learn more, we suggest you read our book: "Do you also want to be a designer?" which encapsulates our entire method.

We have an agile structure built up over almost ten years and we can handle all kinds of production for you from a few items per model to thousands. Of course, what changes is the price.

We have a tested method divided into several steps where we will start from the idea through to the prototype and then production. At every stage you will be at the centre of the creative process and you will always know what is going on!

We have been doing this job for almost ten years, we are the only style office in Italy focused on emerging designers and start-up projects.

Why are we the only one? Because making fashion small in Italy is very difficult especially for beginners who do not have the right network of contacts.

We have developed a METHOD to build your products and your brand with precise price and market logic that combines the right creativity with the right product.

Do you also want to be a designer but don't know where to start?

I wrote a best-selling manual which guides you through our method to start thinking about your fashion brand in the right way, avoid costly mistakes and give you the right priorities.

If you don't know where to start, this is the best way to begin!

It is available with a special offer to this page:

- Brand start-up consultancy - 4