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Maybe we do NOT know each other yet or maybe we have already crossed paths 'virtually' in some of my videos or material. Let me introduce myself I am Corrado Manenti and welcome you to BAD: the point of reference for emerging designers and anyone wishing to create their own brand in fashion

Teaming up with US

My History:

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For more than twelve years I worked in research and development in the textile and printing industry. Working side by side with the biggest producers of the Fashion System both in Italy and the rest of the world.
Always seeing fashion from behind the scenes. When you are used to working in the supply chain and you are far away from the glossy reality and perfect garments you see in shop windows and in fashion shows you are used to seeing things differently!?

There were a lot of clothes in the factories I visited but when did the magic happen? When and how did a simple piece of clothing become fashion?

I didn't think I would work in fashion until I was in it!

I've always been passionate about ?how? things are made, I was passionate about printing, the colours that go on fabrics, special finishes, for work I used to deal with the style offices of big companies and manufacturing companies.

What they had in common was that they were always looking for something new, something that would impress the customer, something that would differentiate their products. Slowly they discovered the world of packaging until they reached trade fairs, distribution, dealing with buyers and all kinds of customers.

I discovered that in reality in "big" fashion creativity played a marginal role, and although there was a great focus on creating some unique and truly recognisable garments (the showcase garment) most collections were "standard", the designers working in the company who at first seemed mythological figures, were actually victims of "trends" of "what other brands were doing" of "what their distributors would like" and were never really free.

I wanted to offer my experience? to all those who had an idea, an intuition or a dream but did not yet know how to begin

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In my journey, I had realised one thing: to create something unique, you had to be the ?mind? behind every creation and not be afraid to put your face to it and offer it directly to the market! If you really wanted to create something unique and innovative, you had to get out of the ?chain logic? and start thinking differently. There MUST have been a way for fashion to work, even in a small way.

After all, Italy is the country par excellence of fashion, and every year thousands of Italian and international students attend fashion academies and schools with the hope of eventually becoming fashion designers. But why are there so few emerging brands?

Why were the collections coming out of the academies more like self-propelled contemporary art exhibitions than dream clothes worthy of being admired, desired and bought?

Taken by these questions, I began to study marketing, the link that could transform a dress into a fashion item, I used all my knowledge of psychology that I had learned in two degrees and a master's degree to try to understand the mechanisms behind the creation of a fashion product, and to find a replicable and strategic method to explain not only how to make attractive products, but to build one's brand.

For years I have been working with up-and-coming designers who, despite having great skills and having studied for years, are literally PARALYZED when it comes to starting to create something of their own for the first time This happens because in no school or fashion course are they taught how to create a business in fashion, but only how to create garments that then don't really have to be sold!

That is why a consultation with me can help you get the overview you need to become not only a creator? in fashion, but a true entrepreneur!

What makes us UNIQUE

10+3 Reasons for working with US

Thanks to the network of suppliers we have developed over the years you will be able to access as a protagonist in the fashion world from a privileged starting point. Being able to work with fabric producers, printers, workshops possibilities that would otherwise be impossible if I went ringing the bell alone without an established brand or prohibitive budgets!


No project is too ambitious for us! We can meet every need in the world of clothing and accessories.


With us, you will have our team of designers at your disposal to design your collection in an ongoing relationship where you will see your idea take shape until it becomes a finished product ready to be sold and worn.


We can make your collection unique, designing customised graphics and patterns for your garments, interpreting the latest trends or just following your creative flow to make something unique and iconic.


We are always careful to keep costs and all phases of your project under control so that you always know how much you are spending and above all you do not end up with products that are too expensive to sell.


We specialise in working with Emerging Designers and we know all the difficulties and dynamics to be faced by those entering the fashion world as designers for the first time.


Your success is our success so you will never be left alone! Even after the completion of your project you will remain our customer forever. You will be able to count on our support and help even after the customer is finished.


We have an office, you can come and meet us. In a world where everything is intangible and ?virtual? we still believe in human contact and direct relationships. Come and have a coffee and tell us about your project!


Are you far away? No problem! We have already worked remotely with several international projects and everything went smoothly!


Making fashion requires many different skills and professionals with us you have everything you need for your project.


We can handle all kinds of production from a single garment to thousands of garments per variant with a completely Made In Italy supply chain


For us, there is no such thing as a "second choice" all the garments you receive must be perfect we take great care over the quality of each garment we design to avoid waste and guarantee the highest quality.


Our style office is part of a complete Ecosystem that can realise your idea and launch it on the market. We can help you with the creation of E-commerce sites, launch strategies for your collections and anything else you may need.


By creating your project with us, you will have the opportunity to participate in Events, Fairs and Pop-up Stores to promote your brand and compare yourself with other emerging designers like you.

Do you want to know what I think of your idea?


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Why Choose Us?

Thanks to the network of suppliers we have developed over the years you can accessre as a protagonist in the fashion world from a privileged starting point. Being able to work with fabric producers, printers, workshops possibilities that would otherwise be impossible if I went ringing the bell alone without an established brand or prohibitive budgets!

A person adorned with five stars becomes a designer and creates a fashion brand.


We have been doing this work for more than twelve years and by now we are familiar with the process and how to solve problems that arise along the way.

Two fashionable arrows showing different design directions for aspiring designers.


Working for years with people starting from scratch, we have learnt that it takes constant attention to detail and flexibility in design.

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Thanks to our network of suppliers developed over the years, you have access to special materials and prices normally reserved for bulk orders.

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We are a team of young people motivated by a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. We have the energy to make magic happen.