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Introduction: Why do we need a press release?

In an increasingly interconnected world, raising one's unique voice in the fashion industry can seem a daunting challenge for emerging and creative designers. 

Between fashion shows, photo shoots and the myriad details of creating a new collection, it can seem almost impossible to find time to also think about promoting one's work. 

Yet, Without effective communication, even the most brilliant of talents may risk remaining invisible. 

This is where a powerful communication tool comes into play: thepress release. This is not only a vehicle to make one's creations known, but also a means to share one's vision, one's story and to create a deeper connection with the public. 

In this article, I will guide you through the process of writing a ceffective press releaserevealing how you can use this tool to shine your light in the fashion world.

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A press release, also known as press release, è a communication tool essential used to disseminate relevant news to a wide and varied audience. 

In the field of fashion, a press release may announce a new collection, a significant event, a special initiative or any other relevant news concerning the brand.

But a press release is not just an announcement - it is a story. 

It is an opportunity for a fashion designer to convey not only what is new, but also why it is important, how it fits into the broader brand context, and what values and visions underlie this new offering. In other words, an effective press release not only informs, but engages and motivates the reader to learn more.

This is where the Public Relations (PR)

PR is the art of managing and shaping the public's perception of an organisation or individual. 

A press release is one of the fundamental tools in PR, as it can help build a positive narrative around your brand, to stabilising authority and credibility in your field, and to raise awareness and recognition of your brand in the market.

So how can an emerging fashion designer use a press release effectively? It is important to remember that a press release is not just for big names in fashion. Even as an up-and-coming creative, a press release can offer you the opportunity to make your brand known, to show your uniqueness and to share your vision with a wider audience. 

The trick is knowing how to write a press release that hits the mark and is in technical jargon 'newsworthy' and then manage to disseminate it to a number of journalists in the field, and this is what we will explore in the next section.


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How to structure a press release:

A well-structured press release is like a work of art: each element has its place and works together to create a coherent and attractive whole. This is how a press release should be structured:

1) Header/Headline: The first thing people will see of your press release is the header. This should be short, catchy and informative. Think of it as the title of a book: must capture the reader's attention, but also give them a clear idea of what your press release will be about.

2) SubtitleSubtitle: The subtitle is an opportunity to provide additional details that are not part of the header. You can use it to give a broader context, to further specify the topic of your press release, or to introduce an interesting or surprising element that invites the reader to continue reading.

3) First Paragraph: The first paragraph of your press release should include the most important information. This should include the date and place, as well as a summary of the crucial details of your news. It is important that this information is presented clearly and concisely so that the reader can quickly understand it.

4) Body of the Text: The body of your press release is where the story unfolds. Here you should include details, quotes, interesting facts and relevant information that expand on the news presented in the first paragraph. The body of the text should be engaging and interesting, always maintaining a professional tone.

5) Contact Information: It is essential that your press release includes complete and clear contact information. This should include your name or brand name, an email address, a phone number and, if possible, links to your social media channels. This will allow journalists or anyone else interested in learning more to contact you easily.

6) Final Notes/Boilerplate: Finally, your press release should conclude with a brief description of the designer or brand, together with any other relevant information. This can include information about your background, your previous achievements, your vision and values, or any other details you deem relevant.

Remember, the key to an effective press release is clarity, conciseness and interest. By keeping these principles in mind, you will be well on your way to creating press releases that hit the mark. 

Now we will look in detail at an example of a press release for a fashion brand.


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Add header text here

Header/HeadlineAn example could be 'XYZ Brand launches new summer collection of sustainable clothing'. This title is catchy and immediately provides the reader with the most important information.

SubtitleAn example could be 'The collection features recycled fabrics and ethical production methods, aiming to reinvent sustainable fashion'. This subtitle adds significant details regarding the content of the press release.

First Paragraph: An example could be "MILAN, Italy - 20 June, 2023 - XYZ Brand, known for its commitment to more sustainable fashion, today unveiled its highly anticipated summer collection. The collection, which features fully recycled fabrics and ethical production processes, represents a bold step into the future of sustainable fashion."

Body of TextAn example could be 'The new summer collection includes dresses, tops, trousers and accessories, all made from recycled fabrics. The pieces combine XYZ Brand's distinctive style with its sustainability mission, resulting in clothing that is as fashionable as it is responsible. 'We want to show that fashion can be both beautiful and good for our planet,' says designer and founder of XYZ, First Name Last Name."

Contact Information: An example could be 'For more information, please contact XYZ Brand's press officer, Name Surname, at [email protected], or at +39 0123456789. Follow XYZ Brand on social media at @xyzbrand on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook."

Endnotes/BoilerplateAn example could be 'XYZ Brand is an innovative fashion brand based in Milan, Italy. Founded in 2020, XYZ is driven by the belief that fashion should be sustainable without compromising style. With each collection, XYZ strives to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion and create clothes that customers love to wear and feel good in."

These examples should give a clearer idea of how to structure each section of an effective press release. 

Remember, the goal is to capture attention, fprovide clear and detailed information and make it easy for journalists or potential customers to contact you to find out more.


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The Language of the Press Release:

he language you use in your press release is extremely important. It is essential that it is professional, but also understandable and appealing. Here are some key points to pay attention to:

1. Maintain a professional toneYour press release will be read by journalists, bloggers, reviewers and potential customers. It is important that your tone is serious and professional, but also interesting and engaging. Try to maintain a balance between providing relevant information and keeping the reader interested.

For example, avoid the use of technical jargon or overly specific fashion terms that may not be immediately understandable to a general audience. Instead, be clear and direct, illustrating the unique features and strengths of your brand or products in accessible terms.

2. Uses clear and understandable language: Your press release must be easy to read and understand. Use short, concise sentences and try to avoid long or complex phrases. Make sure that your ideas are presented logically and that your text is easy to follow.

For example, you could say "XYZ Brand's new summer collection combines modern style and sustainability" instead of "XYZ Brand has implemented a sustainable design process for its new summer collection, resulting in garments that represent an intersection of cutting-edge contemporary design and an environmentally conscious approach."

3. The importance of editing and proofreading: No matter how good you are at writing, editing and proofreading are crucial steps to ensure that your press release is error-free and as effective as possible. 

Proofread your text carefully, correct any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors and ensure that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date.

Furthermore, it can be very useful to have another person read your press release. A new pair of eyes might catch errors or ambiguities that you might have missed.

In summary, the language of your press release should be professional, clear and well-edited. Remember, your press release represents your brand. A well-written press release can help build your brand reputation and attract the attention you deserve.


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How to disseminate your press release?

Writing a flawless press release is only half the job: now you have to make sure it reaches the right people at the right time. Here are some tips on how and when to distribute your press release:

1. Identify your recipients: First of all, you have to understand to whom you are sending the press release. These could be journalists, bloggers, influencers or fashion industry professionals who might be interested in what you are doing. Do some research and create a list of relevant contacts.

For example, if you are launching a collection of eco-friendly clothes, you might want to send your press release to journalists and bloggers who focus on sustainable fashion.

2. Personalise your emails: When sending your press release, try to personalise the email as much as possible. Remember, journalists receive dozens, if not hundreds, of press releases every day. A customised email can help your press release stand out from the crowd.

For example, you could start the email with 'Hi [Name of journalist], I noticed your recent article on [related topic] and thought you might be interested to know about our new launch...'.

3. Choose the right momentTiming is crucial when it comes to sending a press release. In general, it is best to send your press release during the week and during working hours, when journalists are more likely to read their emails.

Also, try to avoid sending your press release at the same time as important news or industry events, when it might be overshadowed by other news.

4. Do a follow-upDon't be afraid to do a follow-up after sending your press release. If you do not receive a response after a week or two, it might be useful to send a short follow-up message to ensure that your press release has not been lost.

Remember, your goal is to build relationships with the media. Being professional, respectful and persistent can help you achieve this.

In summary, the effective distribution of a press release requires careful consideration of the target audience, personalised communication, appropriate timing and the courage to follow up.

Follow these tips and your press release is more likely to get the attention it deserves.



In conclusion, the press release is an essential tool in any emerging designer's marketing kit.

It offers the opportunity to spread your news and tell your story in a professional and effective manner. From a catchy headline to an informative body of text, every element of your press release must be carefully thought out and written.

Remember, the key is to maintain clear and comprehensible language combined with a professional tone. This will help ensure that your message is taken seriously by the media and your audience.

Distribution is equally critical. Identify the right recipients, personalise your emails, choose the right time and don't be afraid to follow up. These steps will help you get your press release to the right people, at the right time.

No matter how small or new your design business is, press releases can help you gain valuable media coverage, build brand awareness and reach new customers. 

Do not underestimate the power of a well-written and effectively distributed press release. It can open unexpected doors and take your brand to the next level. Start writing your press release today and see where it can take you!

If you liked this article, share it with your acquaintances and write to me in the comments! It will be a pleasure to answer you! 

See you anon!



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