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Corrado Manenti
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A pink notebook with the words 'contre un blog' in the middle of a potted plant, perfect for fashion bloggers looking for quality writing tips.

In the last ten years, the web has become populated with numerous fashion blogsdealing with the most varied themes in the most varied styles, from The Blonde Salad to the provincial blogger, who photographs herself wearing improbable outfits in equally improbable locations (messy balconies, cellars with hanging sausages, Zara's dressing rooms populated by balls of dust?).

Digitalisation and globalisation have meant that everyone can know everything about any subject, so it is normal that everyone wants to stand out by trying to appear more knowledgeable, brilliant and original. This is how blogs were born: first as little more than personal diaries, then as spaces where fashion enthusiasts expressed themselves by commenting on fashion shows, news and new releases or by posting photos of their outfits.

There are different types of fashion blogs. Some focus on a single topic, for example bags or shoes or a city (My Little Paris), others deal with more topics ranging from music to lifestyle (High Snobiety, nss magazine). The most popular in recent years are the streetstyle blogs (The Sartorialist, Facehunter). While this phenomenon is making the fashion world more accessible, it is also tarnishing its charm. exclusive, precisely because it is unattainable.

A woman writing a quality fashion blog on a wooden table.

The quality of a fashion blog certainly depends on how well-edited, up-to-date and quality content isTherefore, it also depends on how knowledgeable the blogger really is on the topic on which he wants to appear as an expert.

Most, to be honest, do not write anything particularly original or exciting, and do not differ in any way from everyone else, not least because they often develop their themes in a hasty and superficial manner.

The best fashion bloggers show us that less is more, and that minimalism and restraint are great strengths. A neat, clean layout and photos in good definition are certainly other elements that contribute to a professional appearance of the blog already at a quick glance.

And of course the content must be of quality, i.e. interesting for the chosen audience, as accurate as possible and absolutely not copied from other websites.

In short, as in fashion, the secret to successful work is quality rather than quantity, being rather than appearing.

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